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Solve any Issue with the Power of Love

Unconditional Love is the most powerful force you can make use to  help yourself as well as  your loved ones, your friends or people who are suffering. Read More

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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is, in essence, true love — so different from the kind of love that we all  have known. Read More

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Quality Audit Systems

Audit team or internal auditor or external auditor  systematically check quality of services or products  and this called  quality  audit system. Quality management system  of  any organization  is very important as  it is a key element in the ISO quality standard.

Quality audits are normally  carried out  on a set time periods and  it makes certain that the organization has apparently formulated system monitoring  measures connected with  effective action plan. This will pave the way  to resolve  in the event  company  conform  with the  distinctive quality systems in order to  results oriented  assessment standards.

Since 1994  with the advancement of the ISO9000  standards  audits has changed  from procedural  system  to measurement of the actual  efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system  ( referred to as QMS ) . Accordingly  noticeable   results have been  achieved  with the implementation of   QMS.

In order to eliminate or reducing    problematic areas audits are an indispensable management tool to be practiced for authenticating objective evidences of processes.  Quality auditing must not only report  non conformances and remedial actions  but also  show up area of  proper practices for the benefit of the company or organization. As a result  in this manner  departments  can share information and  change their working practices  in order to contribute continuous development.

Quality Audits may be a  regulatory requirement  and integral part to comply with. As an example  Food and Drug Administration of United State of America  which requires  quality auditing  as a  part of its  quality System Regulation   for medical devices. (QSR) Even for safety purposes  audits can be  practiced. Auditing is one of the most powerful  safety monitoring technique and it is an effective way to keep away from  self-satisfaction  and  draw attention on  weakening  conditions of quality.

Auditing manly focuses on the efficiency and its implementation. There are softwares and self assessment tools  which  can be used for   the processes and tasks that a quality audit involves can be managed.

Quality cost or cost of poor quality in analyzing quality cost,  a cost of quality audit can be applied across any company or service organization  rather than conventional  products.



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Implementation of risk assessment plan

Implementation of risk assessment plan  and  systems are necessary   for reducing the effect of the risks faces by an organization. Read More

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SWOT Analysis

Analyzing SWOT is a  helpful technique to realize  ICBT strengths and weakness  and also to identify the opportunities  and challenges. Read More

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Risk Assessment

It is necessary to design new business process with  sufficient risk control  measures from the beginning. and  occasionally reassess risks  are an ongoing process. Read More

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An individual or  Group   which has direct or indirect stake in a  project  that can affect or  affected by the  actions, objectives  and decisions  of the Project can be  identified as   Stakeholders.  Accordingly Creditors, Customers, Directors, Employees, Owners or Shareholders, Suppliers, Trade unions, Government  and its Agencies  are all included under  the expression  of Stakeholders. Stakeholder  can be  anyone who has  interest in the  project   or will be affected by its  dealings. Project Managers have to   realize the values and issues that stakeholders have in order to  involve everyone in the project. The sooner these issues are addressed positively  the better it is for the smooth functioning  and progress of the Project.Stakeholders are not  equal  and  various stakeholders are  entitled to   different  considerations. As an example  company’s customers who comprise part of the stakeholders  are entitled to  fair  trading deals but  they are not entitled to  the same consideration as the Project  employees.To put it into its context, stakeholder management is vital in order to  achieve  objectives of any Project.   Creating  positive relationships with  stakeholders and  proper  management  is a most unique feature  which has pivotal importance   in   contemporary business environment.

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Outsourcing has today become a competitive and imperative. Read More

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Competitive environment in business



Wars, natural disasters and shortage of skilled people are also effect competitive environment. Read More

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Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction of employees is vital for any organization to succeed and mainly job satisfaction is depended on job enlargement and there are other reasons also  behind job satisfaction of employees. Read More

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