Appointment Letter


Name and Address

Dear Sir,



We are pleased to offer you a the  Employment as WEB DESIGNER/ WED EDITOR/ WEB JOURNALIST in the   XXXXX   with effect from 3d  April  2018 on the following terms and condition :

  1. You will be paid a monthly salary of Rs. 000,00/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only)  After  3 months you will be paid Rs. 00,000/- per month.
  2. During the period of your employment however, employment may be terminated by three months notice by either party. You have to train a new employee before leaving.
  3. You have to publish only correct information and if you publish wrong information you will be responsible. However before publishing anything you must take prior  permission from   XXXXXXXXX  Chief Editor /Journalist /Governor of XXXXXX.
  4. You must take the responsibility for not giving the  user name and password to anyone.
  5. If you accept the above conditions for employment, please acknowledge receipt in the duplicate.


 Yours faithfully,









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