Solve any Issue with the Power of Love
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Solve any Issue with the Power of Love

Unconditional Love is the most powerful force you can make use to  help yourself as well as  your loved ones, your friends or people who are suffering. Not only that you can solve your any situation with the power of love. You have to   spend at least  five minutes a day for  21 days or continue  until you get  results.


The steps to love  offers you a quick and easy way to start  sending love. In some religions it says that God is Love and Love is God.


It can lead to deep and profound changes in your life. Its power is in its simplicity, so just start using it and you will see  the results by yourself. Writer saw  this information in internet long time back. At  that time writer was undergoing harassment  from his  boss. He used  the power of love to his  many superiors and  some of them left the life of writer or some others became very friendly and helpful.


If you are undergoing harassment or illtreatment  from your boss   or your spouse or any one else is what you have to do is to send the love to that  person.


This is how it is done.  Imagine the person or situation which  bothers you  and  suppose love and a bright  pink or green light  surround the person or situation  with love. This  should be done  at least five minutes a day or you can do as long as you wish.  Tell  kind words and  address him   with loving kindness. Whatever way it is easy for you and  use the power of love to solve your problem and continue it for  at least  21 days  and you will  experience results.


In the event you are not getting results ,   do not get disappointed but continue until you get the results. These steps can be used for any kind of issue big, or small. However, it is best to start with relatively small issues until you get the  experience and you will realize that  it  is  working for you.


Think of a small issue you want to send love  and try  the experience.  It is best to do the  steps in writing till you get some experience and make your own practice easy for you.


There is no  doubt your sadness will become happiness, anger will become peace, heaviness  becomes a feeling of lightness. It helps if you can imagine how much better you will feel when you love  someone or   enemy you  think who is hurting you. Your commitment to loving is required.


If  you experience positive  results share it with others and  with this writer.

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