SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis

Analyzing SWOT is a  helpful technique to realize  ICBT strengths and weakness  and also to identify the opportunities  and challenges. In the context of xxxx business activities,  a SWOT analysis will pave the way  to carve a niche in the market. It also help to develop individual career opportunities  taking  advantage of individual talents.


SWOT is very powerful  as with little thought it will pave the way  to  find opportunities. By realizing  weaknesses of  XXXX it can manage   and  get rid of   pressure  prevailing in  business activities. Understanding   XXXX and its competitors   using the SWOT structure  XXXX can plan  strategy  that would  differentiate  XXXX from its competitors.


Weaknesses and strengths are often internal matters   and  challenges and opportunities are   external issues. Therefore,  SWOT analysis is sometimes called  Internal-external analysis. It is necessary to consider strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of  customers.


In the event  XXXXX competitors  provide  high quality  services,  then  high quality service is not a strength of XXXXX.  It  has to consider  what services to improve,  what services to avoid , what factors  lose ICBT  sales etc. XXXX has to  make changes in technology. It  has to adjust to government policy related to the field and  has to recognize social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes and  so on.


XXXX approach should be to looking at opportunities as well as  strengths. Alternatively look at  weaknesses and  see whether  XXXXX could open up opportunities by eliminating them. Challenges   at present  are quality standards or specification of services,  technology changes, cash-flow and bad debt problems  etc. When looking at  challenges and opportunities cannot be overlooked the  external factors such as new  government regulations.

XXXX strengths   are  it can respond quickly  since XXXXX  does not have to wait for long for management approval. XXXX can provide  good customer care as  staff has plenty of time to devote for customers. XXXXX employees are  well equipped with  information technology skills. It  can change directions quickly  so that  XXXX can  provide  value added services to its  customers.

XXXX  weaknesses are  it  has little market presence  or reputation at present and  it is necessary to  develop  in this area. XXXXXX  staff  is  small and   skills are not adequate in many area. XXXX services are affected due to  staff being sick  or on leave. XXXX  cash flow  is unreliable.

XXXX   business  sector is expanding  with many future  opportunities  for success in the filed. Competitors of XXXX  is very slow to adopt new technologies. Challenges of XXXX are  development in technology may change  this market beyond its ability to adapt.  There is a possibility a small change in  a large competitor might wipe out any market  condition XXXX has  created.



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