Job Satisfaction
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Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction of employees is vital for any organization to succeed and mainly job satisfaction is depended on job enlargement and there are other reasons also  behind job satisfaction of employees. Job enlargement  sometimes also referred to as horizontal loading   involves the addition of extra, similar, tasks to a job.  In job enlargement, the job itself remains essentially unchanged. However, by widening the range of tasks that need to be performed, hopefully the employee will experience less recurrence and monotony that are common on office functions. With job enlargement, the employee rarely needs to acquire new skills to carry out the additional task, and the motivational benefits of job enrichment are not usually experienced. One important negative aspect is that job enlargement is sometimes viewed by employees as a requirement to carry out more work for the same amount of pay.Duties connected with a job are amplified in job design technique adjoining diversity to duties and reducing boredom associated with any job. As such, job enlargement is believed to be a straight restructuring system. The job is inflated by accumulation of related tasks. As a result increased job span and increased the number of   different operations required in a job and the occurrence of with which the job rotation is recurring. An individual performs number of tasks and job enlargement increases job scope.

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