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Welcome to a place where you can escape the celerity and haste of city  and  your perfect haven. We invite you to enjoy  ………. Cottage in Kataragama. No matter the time of  the year,   we are surrounded by nature’s splendor.

 Location – We are ideally located, Situlpauwa Road, a close thirty  minutes  5 km   drive to entrance of  Yala  National Park and   ten minutes  2.5km drive to Kataragama Sacred City.

 Reservoir – Just 1.5 km to picturesque Kochchikotuwa reservoir which you can  have a swim with your loved ones.

 Favorite Family Spot – Our winning combination of  clean and comfortable accommodation, strict attention to the needs of our guests  makes  this   a favorite spot. Illuminated with Solar Power  and piped born water, located in one acre territory with  romantic fireplaces.

 Friendly farmers – This  Cottage is surrounded by Chena cultivation and  farmers are innocent  friendly and courteous.

 Accommodation – We have become  a favorite family facility and we can accommodate  group of 10 at a time.

 Food  – Our Caretaker  who is pleasant, friendly and well-mannered,  will make for you  palatable  mix of fine Sri Lankan cuisine. He will do  everything possible to make you feel at home.

 Relaxing  with nature – Will give you the peace and serenity you need in order to succeed  in even most stressful task. To relax,  just sit back and enjoy and have an experience that makes you feel blissful and calm. If you succeed to experience them vividly you will completely calm down. Just surrender to daydreaming  and you will leave your current stressors behind. We have spaces for relaxing and spaces for discovering.

 Birds and wild life –   Calm down from the everyday stress and listen to songs of birds.  Have a nap and focus your  thoughts on life, nature  and water, atmosphere surrounded  with  attractive birds and  wild animals  the most powerful things you can dream of.

 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables -Wide variety of Fresh mouthwatering  Fruits  and natural colour  fresh vegetables are plenty in the area.

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