Covering Letter to NGO
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Covering Letter to NGO

Subject :  Project Manager

Dear Sirs, /Madam,

This refers to  my  online application to the above post and your e-mail reply. 

I have been blessed  if I am given   an opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with a team of dynamic individuals. We cannot  turn our back to those  who are in need.  I  believe that together we are worth far more than the sum of our individual beings. I  believe it is our duty to use the gifts we have been individually given to collectively serve the  mankind. My  goal is to build a bridge of  hope, dignity and life. We have to help today because tomorrow we  may be the ones who need helping.

My  vision is grand, but I  will not allow it to dissuade me. I am  determined to  continue to make progress in working for the people. I am always  finding  ways to bridge the gap between when  poor people have   no hope and when they are truly frustrated  with their journey in life. I like to forget what I  can get and see what I  can give to the society.

I am   trying to  help poor people of the society to  recapture their quality of life. I  have watched pain-ridden, emaciated souls who are struggling to survive and they have no hope. No one has ever become poor by giving !

We can  provide hope these poor people. We can  provide dignity to them. I want to be a part to   change  the course of poor and needy peoples  lives and give them moments of grace that they otherwise would not have had. I  have the will to change  the course of  their lives.  You cannot witness human suffering   without being deeply moved. So, I  will continue to work on behalf of our  poor people in the society  and join together with fortunate people to fulfill their needs. I  want to  change the face of  suffering  in the society. We believe  it is better even to light a single lamp without cursing the   darkness. I like  all kind hearted individuals to be a part of the breakthrough and make someone’s dream come true.

I can give the leadership and work as a team member in the event I am selected  for the above post and I assure you that I will discharge my  duties to the best of my ability and to the entire satisfaction of my superiors.

” I  have  to give my share to show I care!”

Yours faithfully,

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