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Visa Letter Sample

Hon. Sir,

Obtaining Visa for Six ( 06 ) days  for  Pilgrimage Tour ……….

  1. I the undersigned   by birth a Buddhist.  I have my own business in Sri Lanka  named “XXXXXXXXX,  in Uyadangama in close proximity to Kurunegala  town. I earn more than  Sri Lankan Rs. 100,000/-  for a  month.  I  was able to make my business  a successful within a short period of time.  I have my own land  in extent  17 Perches  near  Kurunegala town.
  2.  I have  been living a religious life  since  my small age.  I had an inclination  and devoted to  Jesus  Christ  and the Christian religion since my School days.  I had a strong desire to  become a Christian.  Therefore,   frequently I visit Catholic churches  and get the  blessings.   According to the philosophy shown to the world by Jesus Christ  everything happens   because of the will of God.  Even though I am a Buddhist, I  believe  my strong desire for Christianity   is  due to the will of God.
  3. I have read many books written on the life of Jesus Christ  and his love for   all humanity since my childhood.   The knowledge  gained through reading Catholic books and  love of Jesus Christ,   created love  for  all humanity  within me too.
  4. As a religion teaching  the people  the love,  I had a great affection and devotion  for Christian religion. Prior to become a Catholic,  I would like to see the  birth place of Jesus Christ  Bethlehem and place where  Crucifixion of Jesus   and   his birth place Jerusalam  and   special  sacred places  related to Jesus Christ –  Tomb of Jesus, Dome of the Rock,  Al-Aqsa Mosque,  Temple Mount Complex, A Peek Inside Al-Aqsa, Western (Wailing) Wall   etc.   I have a great  desire to see those sacred  places and warship them.
  5. I have great desire to visit  Holy Land of  Israel  where  Jesus Christ  was born.  Even though I am not a Catholic  I have determined   to see from  my  own eyes  sacred places of warship of Christian religion  and  subsequently  to become a Christian.
  6. As everything happens because of the will of the God, I kindly request you to focus your kind attention and grant me  Visa from  xxxxx  to xxxxxxx for pilgrimage tour to Israel  in order to warship  sacred places  of Jesus Christ.

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Business Proposal

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed by people from all over the world, in fact, it is  probably the second most popular drink next to tea in Sri Lanka. According to the historical records, Coffee had been consumed in Ethiopia in ancient  times and   subsequently spread  to the other parts of the world.  Coffee beans are reaped from the coffee plants and  roasted coffee beans are taken to prepare  coffee drink.

As per the chronological records, Sri Lankans formerly Ceylonese had known the coffee drink by the year 1800. Coffee plantation as a garden crop was first commenced in Galle District of Southern Province.  The coffee plantation became a commercial crop due to the high demand and high prices of coffee beans in the world market.

British rulers encouraged the plantation of coffee and   labourers  from Southern India  were  recruited to engage in  coffee plantation due to  low salaries paid to them and  coffee industry  had a vast growth rate  during the  century of  1800.  Global demand  was increasing for coffee and it became a competitive alternative for  Sri Lankan  Tea.

As a result of Coffee leaf disease scientifically known  as  Hemileiavastatrix  which was a fungal  disease,   coffee plantations in Sri Lanka  were devastated  during the period around 1882.

Subsequently   Sri Lanka was able to recover and now it is a flourishing industry with exceptional blends  and  with a enormous expansion in coffee consumption. At present more and more Sri Lankan people are engaged and depend in coffee plantation. Coffee as a drink is rapidly increasing its  popularity although tea is still the  Sri Lanka’s favorite   drink and  export product.

Coffee drinkers in Sri Lanka are  well aware  particularly about the  blends of coffee they drink  with the  growing  popularity of coffee around the globe.  World coffee consumers at present look  ahead of  better quality  coffee  than  which are now available in supermarkets.  Coffee is arriving from all parts of the world to  world wide supermarkets.  Sri Lankans prefer locally produced coffee rather than international brands of coffee.

There is stiff competition in the market due to many brands of coffee is fighting   to get the market share with each other.  As a result  coffee consumers are perplexed due to  many  brands  and  they have no knowledge  about  the best brand of coffee invariably no such popular coffee brand in Sri Lanka. The quality of the product, its band name, convenience and methods of preparation and prices are the factors considered by consumers prior to taking final decision on purchasing coffee.

No doubt, among the coffee producing countries Brussels is the most famous coffee producer in the world. However, not like Brussels Coffee is a small industry  in Sri Lanka.  The owner of the  “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”  business was my grand father, a hard working and successful businessman  who started his business career  in the year  1954.  He purchased coffee beans from Sri Lankan producers and then roasted, grinded, and packeted coffee  powder  was distributed  island wide.   Subsequently after the demise of my grand father, my father took  the reins  of the business however, it was  inactive for  about 10 years.

I wish to restart this business which was done my family as an entrepreneur. I have the courage and knowledge to restart this business with new vigor in order to  grab a  considerable market share in coffee in Sri Lanka and to enter into the world market.


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Appointment Letter


Name and Address

Dear Sir,



We are pleased to offer you a the  Employment as WEB DESIGNER/ WED EDITOR/ WEB JOURNALIST in the   XXXXX   with effect from 3d  April  2018 on the following terms and condition :

  1. You will be paid a monthly salary of Rs. 000,00/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only)  After  3 months you will be paid Rs. 00,000/- per month.
  2. During the period of your employment however, employment may be terminated by three months notice by either party. You have to train a new employee before leaving.
  3. You have to publish only correct information and if you publish wrong information you will be responsible. However before publishing anything you must take prior  permission from   XXXXXXXXX  Chief Editor /Journalist /Governor of XXXXXX.
  4. You must take the responsibility for not giving the  user name and password to anyone.
  5. If you accept the above conditions for employment, please acknowledge receipt in the duplicate.


 Yours faithfully,








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