Mobile Phone Towers
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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Mobile Phone Towers

The mobile network towers has placed increased pressure on the Government to fast-track the planning process to build novel telecommunications infrastructure to support this new technology. Read More

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission are the   motivate words for any organisation to find its direction and fulfilling it objectives. Read More

Strategic Management

The term strategic management is frequently used with strategic planning. Strategic Managements is the art and science of formulating and implementing and evaluating cross -functional decisions that enable an organisation to achieve it objectives ( Fred R.David ) Read More

Customer Confidence

It is a common thing that customers lose confidence on a company that they have been dealing with for a long period of time due to a minor incident. Read More

Put the knowledge into practice

What is the purpose of life ? It is not to suffer. It is to do good things , to hear good things, to help fellow human beings and to more than that to achieve great things. Read More

Positive Mindset

With your  effort to achieve something  give value,  create value  and ultimately   your achievements will  increase your value. Read More

Your Fortune

Question yourself what you can  do  for the services of the fellow human beings.  This is the  best  and  this is what you can  do for yourself. When you are serving others in reality you  are  serving yourself.  Read More

Find work you love

Love your work

You have to  love and like what you are doing whatever it may be.   You are doing something and hating it,   in all probability,   all your efforts may be  in vain.  Your objective is to  go higher in life  in what you are doing  you should  check what you doing at present. Read More

Aim High

Aim High

It is the pleasure and happiness  to  go forward successfully  through  new dimensions. Read More

Present Moment

If youlike to fillyour entire life withriches and success now is the ideal time for it.There is so muchto give othersanddevote your time to serve others and by serving others only you can serve yourself. Read More

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