Objective of a Library
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Objective of a Library

Objective of  a  library is  giving  the required information and making them available to all the users  in the fitting time. Read More

Introducing New Products

Companies in contemporary world understand that innovations are vital for their survival. Read More

Mobile phone Towers and Enviornment

The mobile phone industry has suffered significant opposition in recent times in relation to the potential health impacts associated with telecommunication towers and also their aesthetic influence on the built and natural environments. Read More

Minimizing Roadblocks

As organizations continue to strive for excellence, the requirement for change and implement new project is requirement not only for the growth of the organization but for mere survival in the current competitive business environment. Read More

Tourist destination Dambulla Rock Temple – Sri Lanka


Dambulla Rock Temple  also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka. Read More

Market Leader

In the event the Company needs to be in the position of Market leader it is necessary to   n increase revenue, increase profit margin. Read More

Personal Development Plan

 Personal Development Planning (PDP) is a continuous development process that enables people to make the best use of their skills  and abilities to  advance both the individual’s plans and the strategic goals of the organization. Read More

Yala – Tourist Destiantion

Yala is the second largest  National Park in Sri Lanka.  It is in extent  97,880.7 hectares and  most of the area  are covered with  plains   and in this forest  coastal area  water springs, rivers and  woods are in  plenty  in the  environment.  Read More

Seven S

Strategy – When a Company enters into a new venture and endeavour to achieve progress and development in this field. Read More

Social Responsibility

An obligation that is not required by the law and economics for a company to pursue yet long term objective that is beneficial to the society but  any company has a responsibility towards society and its people. Read More

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