Company Targets
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Company Targets

Today it is vital to motivate    and inspire employees in order to meet the Company targets. Flourishing organizations are becoming more flexible, quick to change direction, and change it according to the market conditions and customer likes and tastes.

The objective of Human Resources Department to make stronger bonds of employees with the management. In order to achieve this objective it is required to consider following areas.

  1. Policy Recommendation
  2. Salary and Benefits
  3. Recruiting
  4. Training
  5. Organization Development
  6. Communication
  7. Performance Management
  8. Coaching
  9. Team Building
  10. Employee Relations
  11. Leadership


Human Resources Department has to presume itself as a strategic partner to assure that viability and ability to contribute to the organization. In this manner Human resources Department can contribute to the smooth functioning and development of the organization and accomplishment of company strategy and objectives.

In this regard Human resources Department has to be strategic and conversant with the work system in which people can be succeeded and contributed. In this strategic atmosphere human resources functions such as recruiting right candidates,   motivating employees performance, evaluation of employees, career planning and growth of employees are required.

Today Human Resources Department Employees have  to think  like businessmen and should  know accounting and finance and they are always responsible and accountable,   prepare  strategies to  reduce cost and plan all  human resource development programs.

Human Resources Department plays and pivotal role in any organization and   for the success and progress of the organization it is the responsibility of the human resources department to create an organization with excellent working environment and motivate employees to contribute with increased productivity.

Further Human Resources Department to assists to establish the company’s culture and climate in which employees have the concern and commitment to exceed the expectations of customers who are the most import persons in any organization.. Fostering effective systems and keeping targets, working for deadlines, empowerment though responsibility are some of the functions of Human resources Department.

It is also the function of Human Resources Department to search and find employee growth opportunities, assistance programs planning, profit sharing strategies, development of the company process approaches and solving employees’   frustration problems etc.

The continuous evaluation of the efficiency of the organization results in the need for the HR department to regularly change. Both knowledge about and the ability to execute successful management strategies make the human resource professional remarkably cherished.

It is the duty of the Human Resources Department to continuously   reviving efficiency and effectiveness of HR functions and changes are made accordingly and adjust work practices. In order to encourage overall success of the company it has to identify the shortcomings, setbacks and prepare action plans accordingly.

It depends of surviving and progressing of any company on employees performance and this is the truth even for mere survival in today’s market conditions. It is vital to motivate existing  employees and recruit the best.

Under these circumstances following can be identified as necessary to enhance and increase the full productivity of employees.

  1. Job enlargement
  2. Job enrichment
  3. Job rotation
  4. Incentives to employees to motivate them

Energy Levels

it is well known fact that  young  employees of the organization has high energy and  when   employees are becoming old they are  more lethargic and  decrease their energy levels. As such,   it is noticeable relationship between  life satisfaction and job satisfaction   and people who are satisfied with life have  more energy than others to   function in their duties.

Personal Problems

Another aspect of this is when employees are on debt and  they  have financial difficulties , family problems  children’s problems  etc their functioning  is affected and   it is necessary for the Human Resources department to find solutions for their   personal problems also to   a certain extent in order to keep employees  satisfied and increasing  energy levels.

In conclusion of this work it is discovered that job satisfaction of MIM employees are depended on different factors. If these factors are positively addressed   positive results can be expected and progress of the company can be achieved.  


  1. With research done   and according to the findings   most vital recommendation can be made to the management is to take necessary steps to enhance job enrichment. It is necessary to advise all sectional heads to assist in this Endeavour.
  • The other aspect   is to improve relationships among staff members and develop team spirit and    employees need to work as a team and to make it a winning team. This is the most significant factor for job satisfaction.
  • MIM must  adhere to other  scope of  job enrichment  like autonomy and responsibility,  career development and  independence in decision making  and  these aspects also  can be identified as being  notably related.
  • Another area is providing job satisfaction through   job re-engineering and job rotation.

It is required to enhance productivity and employee performance through job satisfaction.  Following suggestion are inserted here for the kind consideration of the management.

  1. Information technology is developing in rapid space. All employees must be trained in information technology in order to face future challenges.
  1. It is required to formulate a system to evaluate the performance of all employees of MIM and feedback should be collected on quality of work quantity of work, and each and everyone’s performance.
  1. Impartial promotion system to be introduced giving promotion on performance, loyalty to the organization, honesty and integrity experience and qualifications.
  1. It is necessary to adapt a procedure that MIM is not discriminating its employees on cast, creed or religion.
  • Standing procedures should be formulated according to the labour  laws of the country without discriminating  any employee and applicable to all as equal.
  • MIM should provide state of the art office equipment and facilities and computerized environment for employees to carry out their duties efficiently.
  • Proper disciplinary and grievances procedure must be formulated to ensure disciplinary issues are promptly dealt with.
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