Analyzing the Project
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Analyzing the Project

VISTA PLC is   a reputed  company in the field of telecommunication  industry in Sri Lanka. With the diversification of its activities  company has taken steps to enter into   mobile telecommunication  industry  and for that purpose  it is planning to  have a new  telecommunication tower  in a mountain peak in a village. XYL Consulting PLC  has been invited to analyze this  project. Analyzing   the market trends all  related  matters in the filed this report has been  prepared. As organizations continue to strive for excellence, the requirement for change and implement new project is requirement not only for the growth of the organization but for mere survival in the current competitive business environment.  Managing the  implementation of any project  becomes crucial for all stakeholders.  Planning for change and implementation of new projects requires VISTA PLC  to realize the barriers or roadblocks presented internally and externally.  In this scenario   the realization of the whys,  and the how’s become part of the whole exercise.  In this exercise how to use management techniques and actual project implementation requires much more than the theory. Yet one theory will not fit for all organizations and therefore, each organization must adapt certain items that can positively affect them. Thus thoughts must be converted to how implementation can occur and why the need for planning to implement is necessary.

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