Action Plan
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Action Plan

During the first three months period as Head of the Human Resources Depart following action plan is suggested   and forward for the approval of the management.

  1. Adjusting and creating   exceptional working conditions for employees of MIM to carry out their duties in happy and contended manner efficiently and creatively.
  1. It is vital to make all employees as a team and build team spirit and  there must be cordial relationship among employees and  they have to forget  minor  differences  and work as a team in order for the success of the  organization and  also for  their own benefit.
  1. Taking necessary steps to motivate, encourage and inspire employees in order for smooth functioning and   progress and achieving set targets.

In the above management practices and strategies put into practice there is no doubt   again MIM can be taken off the ground.

Important Factors

Following facts are important to any organization to make success in business activities and as such necessary steps to be taken to improve them in Oder for overall progress of the organization.

  1. Employees’ skills
  2. Employee Training
  3. Happy working environment.
  4. Regular feedback for employees.
  5. Opportunity for  career development
  6. Autonomy and responsibility of employees.
  7. Decision making.
  8. Employees’ loyalty to the organization
  9. Visual and auditory facilities.
  10. Entertainment for employees.
  11. Privileges and facilities for employees.
  12. Cross training
  13. Flexibility of jobs
  14. Employees’ pride in their working place.
  15. Employees’ confidence on the job.
  16. Employees’ trust on their superiors.
  17. Employees’ trust on  organization
  18. Accountability of employees.
  19. Recognition for Employees.
  20. Designations


Following suggestion for the smooth functioning of MIM and progress of the organization   is forwarded for the approval of the management in order to implement them.

  1. Job satisfaction of employees is vital for any organization to succeed and mainly job satisfaction is depended on job enlargement and there are other reasons also  behind job satisfaction of employees.
  • Duties connected with a job are amplified in job design technique adjoining diversity to duties and reducing boredom associated with any job. As such job enlargement is believed to be a straight restructuring system. The job is inflated by accumulation of related tasks. As a result increased job span and increased the number of   different operations required in a job and the occurrence of with which the job rotation is recurring. An individual performs number of tasks and job enlargement increases job scope.
  • Vertical expansion of job is job enrichment. An enriched job organizes tasks to allow the worker to do a complete duty, enhances the employee’s independence and improves employees’ responsibility.  The job must be intended to offer chances to achieve recognition, responsibility and career growth.
  • Superior quantity of employee job satisfaction depends on job rotation. Job rotation is a technique   employees are reassigned to two or more jobs in methodical manner. The aim of this process is   giving opportunity for employees to gain experience and skills in order to enhance job satisfaction. This process is similar to cross training of employees.
  • As a result of implementing job rotation, frustration or boredom of job can be reduced and increase the productivity. Employees are exposed to gain skills and experience in different types of works and this will help the individual employees as well as the organization. This process will create expertise or competent employees. Employees are trained to face challenges. It increases flexibility of job and providing capacity.  Employees are endowed with the experience to adaptability to change. Everything is changing such as business environment, customers need and tastes, competitors and so on. Through this process employees can be trained to face changes constantly occurring.
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