My Goals
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My Goals

My Personal  Goals  – Short term

Short term goals that demonstrate my ability, improve my skills, improve my knowledge, help to gain the required experience and demonstrate the many successes I’m capable of achieving. Also, it is the short term goals that will maintain my motivation and focus to continue toward my longer term goal. These are the goals that provide immediate gratification once achieved.

My Personal Goals  – Long Term

Remember that the length of your long-term plan is not necessarily an indication of its quality. What is important is that you have clarity about what you want to achieve,

 Goals are powerful builders , motivators to  building our  carrier and  improves our self confidence  as well as  measure  our achievements and take pride in them . Setting my personnel goal a wants to become an owner of a company.

My Professional Goals – Short term

  • Time management
  • developing the soft skills,
  • developing the  technical skills and knowledge required to my goals

My Professional Goals  – Long term

  • Finance management
  • Skill development
  • Career development
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