Way of Joy
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Way of Joy

Please note that I am not the writer of this message.  The writer is an enlightened being.  With the intention of helping  people  I  would like to quote this message  for the benefit all human beings.



Sharer: Papa, are you familiar with the problem in Sri Lanka concerning the monks who are fasting to death and the general state of affairs with the police, the government and the monks?

Papa: I am a little aware of the situation. Do you have a question or statement you wish to share with us?

Sharer: I am wondering what is your view concerning monks who begin hunger fasts and other such desperate measures.

Papa: First, it is important to understand this statement: The Sangha is made up of monks but not all monks belong to the Sangha. Second, intention is very important in these matters and intention can only be measured within the parameters of each individual monk. In the end, the individual kamma will be weighed individually.

Sharer: So, are you saying that it is justified that such monks may fast to death?

Papa: No. Justified by whom, by what?

Sharer: By the rules of the Sangha.

Papa: Let us look at the situation in the light of Dhamma in terms of the Way of JOY. The cornerstone of the Way of JOY is NO-HARM. This principle is far reaching and begins with oneself. It is written in the Visudimagga that suicide is a harmful act to oneself and therefore unskillful. Only an Arahant may end his life without harm to himself simply because he has no life to call his own. There is no Kamma created in an Arahant so there can be no harm in suicide. But one must consider the harm to others done by the suicide of the Arahant. So, if these monks are all Arahants then no harm is done to themselves but most likely, possible harm is done to others. Is there ever a reason in the Way of JOY to do harm to others?

Sharer: No, I don’t believe so.

Papa: Correct. There can never be a valid reason to do harm to others. In the case of these Sri Lankan monks much harm and ill will is being created. The government is polarized, the laypeople population is deeply confused by the meaning of this action, and only hatred and friction is being created. Finally, absolutely no good can come from an action which causes so much harm.

Sharer: This is really a sad thing to happen and it discourages me from ever being a monk.

Papa: Not all monks are Sangha. You should not be discouraged to be a monk by this. This has nothing to do with Buddhism or the Sangha. This has to do with the unrestrained passion of certain men who are wearing orange robes. Monkhood is of the intention to a pure heart and a pure mind. Political acts are not a part of the Sangha’s history to a very great degree. Politics is polemics and polemics is opinion, like & dislike and aversion which quickly breeds anger and hatred. These actions are antithetical to the Sangha and to Buddhism as well.

Sharer: And now the police have begun to attack the monks with tear gas and water cannons!

Papa: Of course, this is the effect of creating the harm of suspicion, anger and hatred. Soon monks may die as well. It will be no surprise. And when this happens the Kamma of an entire country is affected in a very severe way. When monks are killed, the heart of that country grows dark and heavy. At this point the Sangha has really begun to lose all its ground for respect and admiration. The youth are discouraged, even embarrassed, by the Sangha and eventually the Sangha dies away completely.

Sharer: What can be done Papa?

Papa: This conversation can be told to all political monks. Perhaps it will help.

Sharer: What in essence should be said?

Papa: O Monks! For what reason have you taken the robe? To fight, to call attention to yourselves? O Monks! Take heed! Remember your vow, remember that Nibbana is present, and it is only your passion that blocks you from Realizing IT. Put away your fears and hatred. Bless the people and your country by first blessing your own actions with daily remembrance of Lovingkindness, Equanimity, Joy for others and Compassion for all. Angry and violent acts only beget anger and violence. The horror you have spread throughout your land is spreading like a disease that will condemn your country to woe and more fear. Stop now and return to the hut, the tree, the temple, and there sit until you have seen the Truth.



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