Thank you letter
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Thank you letter

Thank you so much for showing me around the country during my visit  to your  pictursque country. It was very beautiful. Your family was friendly, and I could not  have felt more welcome. I also want to thank you for teaching me those useful phrases so I could speak   little  Japanese and converse with Japanes people.  My time in Japan  was amazing, and it was a memorable  journey. As it was  a business trip  I  was busy, but  still I  enjoyed it immensely.I would love to give in return by inviting you and your family to my home in Sri Lanka. I am sure you could use a break from your hard work.  I know  my country  very well and  I can show you all my favorite places and of course you would all be able to stay at my home  during your trip or otherwise I  can reserve a hotel room.I do hope you are able to attend. Do not worry about the  expenses  and  it will be on my account. It is the least I can do to pay you back for your amazing hospitality. Please  write  back to me  if you would like to visit or not.

Yours truly,

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