Telecommunications Theory
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Telecommunications Theory

The challenge of ABC PLC at present to built relationship between the   environmentalists   and   the   social   networks   with   the telecommunications industry. This can be done through bridging the divide gap  between   the   physical   urban   environment   and   the interactivity   of communications   and   understanding.


The dynamic nature of society  encompass the social, cultural and economic aspects of modern life, while also the physical terrain is as dominant including building footprints, transportation networks   and   open   space.   Society    become   electronic   hubs   for telecommunications, considered the underlying element which has evolved to
become the most integral component connecting modern society and which has allows society to function successfully. In this context   where the core business activity occurs, it is expected that high levels of telecommunications services and infrastructure are provided to ensure the society to  remain  up to date with the latest technological advancements and inventions. The overall impact of telecommunications, for example, is as influential as the motor  car, bus and trains as in the past. Meanwhile, the increasing importance of telecommunications has stimulated urban policy-makers, managers and planners to begin to get involved in the development of telecommunications within their areas of society.


It was common for urban planners to be involved in transport issues by utilizing advanced techniques to resolve issues, nevertheless, there is a need and requirement to shift their focus on future telecommunication planning issues too. The notion  that societies  could evolve   into   virtual   societies   due   to rapid   technological   advancements and inventions   in telecommunication field. In support of this view, there would be a stage where interactivity with the busy life could even be maintained while sitting on top of a mountain. For the first time in history, it might be possible to locate on a mountain top and to maintain intimate, real-time and realistic contact with business and people of societies. All persons tapped into the global communications network would have ties approximating those used in a given metropolitan region.


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