Strategic Objectives of a Company
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Strategic Objectives of a Company

It is utmost importance  the strategic objectives of  any organization. With strategic  objectives   the company can measure its progress   towards  achieving its vision and mission and would give   direction to its  staff  which in  turn would enhance   productivity of the  company and   reduction in   clashes of  ideas  of its employees.

Key strategic objective of  any company  is to  expansion of business activities.  In this direction,  it is necessary to motivate employees in order to contribute towards  achieving  of  company objectives.  Furthermore  any  company  targets of  maintaining accreditation in terms of quality of services and  to implement favourable ratings from  reputed rating agencies in an effort to  enhance  customer confidence of  the company.   Any company  aims to  enhance  net earnings  for its  shareholders. Further  company  aims to incorporate sustainability element in its operations being considerate on the environment.

It is significant to communicate  these objectives to its employees  and  motivate them  to contribute to achieving objectives  by adhering to the  laid down  broad  goals.

In  contemporary  competitive  business world, customers have a  number of   choices  with regard to purchasing  services and products.  Various attributes are taken into consideration   by  different customers   when choosing   products and services.

In products or services  there are major attributes  for companies to  achieve  competitive  edge  by keeping in position of their products and services   with each attribute.  These   attributes  are introduced as  competitive priorities. These are recognized as  performance  objectives in  operation management perspective.

 It is an important aspect the cost of services or products.  Specifically cost is significant in any industry, Therefore any organisation   must be  cost conscious in order to  retain its customer base and also to gain new customers.

Flexibility and speed of operations of new product or services in a  company tends to be lesser.  New product development  which flexibility aspect  goes through a  vigorous assessment  procedure.

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