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Please note that I am not the writer of this message.  The writer is an enlightened being.  With the intention of helping  people  I  would like to quote this message  for the benefit of all human beings.


It has been dark for hours; the sun sets at 4:30 PM. The rains have begun and the ground is soaked wet with plenitude. The trees sing to take in such long draughts, the grass grows green again and the silent snow caps the mountain in our view with pure white silence. Emptiness is like snow, pure and innocent and silent. All nature is our brother and our sister, the stars are our family, the sun and moon is mother and father—everywhere is pure Dhamma and we are all That.


As we sit here in the purity of the forest, we realize deeply why  Buddha loved the forest, why He was born, Realized Emptiness and why His body ended in the forest. Everywhere is Emptiness manifested outwardly and these signs lead us inward.


We reflect upon the stages since July this year. So much exterior movement while inwardly everywhere remains completely still.


Stillness—Emptiness, the same No-Thing of Pure Being.


Again we reflect upon the months passed since July. We look to the world and we cry deep tears of pain but it is Emptiness that cries these tears. They flow like the river outside my door. The world has long been asleep and suffers so greatly for that. How we wish the world could wake up, stop the harm and embrace each other in the Oneness that really IS.


Peace brother Papa, all is as it must be.


Many have come to the Way of JOY with open hearts and have given their efforts of love and hope to those open to hearing. The Way is spreading like a great eagle spreads its wings. People are desperate in my homeland but they are also lazy and too comfortable and spoiled.


Suffering binds and suffering liberates. Suffering has an end when ‘we’ end.


Our arms are wide open and our heart has enough room for the entire Universe so come all you who are sad and in pain. We understand your pain and suffering. There is a way out for you. Let us hold you in our arms, let us show you that the pain is unreal. We understand because we know your pain deeply.


Be at peace o troubled world–your time is up, release those minds that will be free!


May all beings be well and happy,  with all our heart.




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