St.Petersburg, Russia
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St.Petersburg, Russia

St.Petersburg was the capital of Russian Empire for more than 200 years. It is Russia’s second largest and Europe’s fourth largest city and a major European cultural centre. It is an important Russian port on the Baltic Sea and European styled city of Russia.

Historic Centre of St. Petersburg and related groups of monuments constitute a UNESCO world heritage.

St Petersburg has international railway connections with Helsinki, Finland, Berlin Germany and all former republics of USSR.

Clear Water International Airport and there are smaller commercial cargo airports in suburbs. The main cruise ship terminal is pcaqted in the main industrial harbor about half an hour drive from the St.Petersburg. Smaller ship dock in the river right downtown within walking distance.

May to September is the peak season in St. Petersburg. Summer is humid and dusty. Winter is cold and snow. It is warm in the early summer.

There are annual events take place in winter season. Christmas musical meeting in the Northern Palmyra, Art Square winter festival, international jazz festivals, sport tournaments, international cinema festivals and theatre first nights are some of the important events.

Official language is Russian and currency is the Russian ruble. English language is not used in St.Petersburg and U.S. dollars are accepted on a limited basis. St. Petersburg is one of the most memorable ports you will visit in your lifetime. Opening of White Nights is a superb experience as the almost entire population of St. Petersburg lines the river to watch the Palace Bridge open signifying the start of the festival.

One of the main reasons for visiting St. Petersburg is to see the Hermitage, a huge museum and it would not be possible to inspect even in a month. The hermitage can be viewed better on one of the ship’s tours or with a private guide. Then you can see the highlights without getting lost in buildings.

Also near the Hermitage are the Peter and Paul Fortress. This is well worth seeing and be sure to go into the chapel. The gold inlay on the upper walls and ceiling is splendid. St.Isaacs Cathedral stands above the rest of the gold domed buildings and it is stunning.

The Church of the Spilled Blood is a grand sight. It is probably the most eye-catching and memorable sight in St. Petersburg when lit up in the night.

Catherine’s Summer Palace is well worth the trip to get to the Palace, as its wealth and presence is simply overwhelming. The fabulous wood work inlaid gold, fabrics


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