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Spnosor Letter

My dear Son,
How are you my son ? I suppose you are well. We all are fine and in good health.
I write this letter to invite you to spend a short holiday in Malaysia. I will bear all expenses in Malaysia during the period you are spending in Malaysia. I will look after your food and you can stay with us in our own home during this period. I will pay for your any other expenses such as travelling to see beautiful places in Malaysia.I and my family members are citizens of Malaysia. You can give this e-mail with my contact numbers to the Malaysian High Commission in Sri Lanka so that I can give this assurance to the High Commission too. I send a copy of this e-mail to Malaysian High Commission in Sri Lanka.
I am working in ……….. Company of …….. in Malaysia. My own house is in Malaysia and my permanent address is as follows.

Office Telephone No.
Mobile No
Home Telephone No.
E-mail address :

God Bless you.

Your loving Uncle


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