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I am not the Writer of this  article. Writer is a  Enlightened being and I publish this  for the benefit of  all people.


We have yet to discover a concept in the English language that better denotes enlightenment than innocent, childlike, therefore ‘empty’, simplicity. Empty indicates the emptiness of “I” or ego.

Simplicity. This great word tells us something very dear.  It tells us how to be in order to un-be so that we may not-be so that “what IS” can-be what IT-IS ‘in’ us. In other words, simplicity teaches us to render the “I” immobile while our actions reflect the innocent and childlike joy of emptiness. Through simplicity, attachment, together with all corresponding aversion, greed and blindness does not arise as the predominant “I”. Clinging to the “I” falls away completely and ignorance is conquered.

When one looks to the root of simplicity ones knows the essence of selflessness. With this knowing then comes the realization or actualization of what is known/cognized. Full actualization is full simplicity; generous simplicity is selflessness.

‘Selfless-simplicity’, two words, two concepts joined that when lived/practiced is a life mode which destroys the hindrances to full actualization forever. Selflessness is an expanding living reality, a concept that catapults witness/awareness beyond practice and into No-Self (No-I) as the dominant living mind/heart.

Simplicity is living fully through the joy of letting go of the conceptual mind. Yes, still, it takes higher skillful concepts to unravel lower delusional concepts. One day all concepts may fall away completely. All concepts are carried by “I”. Letting go of that “I” is only possible through selfless-simplicity.

Selfless-simplicity is the uncompromising, uncomplicated ‘life-lived radiation’ that flows from I-lessness while I-lessness is the modality which supports simplicity-in-selflessness.

Through simplicity no willful harmful action is possible and with no-harm comes perfect peace of mind. Full simplicity (enlightenment) is nothing more than perfect mental health and with perfect mental health we have perfect spiritual health, they are the same matter. With perfect mental health the harm from by having lived under the illusion of the I-Concept for so long ceases against oneself and others . With simplicity we break out as if from prison into the fresh air and light, we experience the complete release of the tensions and destructive effects of the self-aggrandizing I-ego. By living-simplicity the tyranny is over, the battles cease and the war is ready to win. The ‘winner’ wins simply because he (the ‘I’) is absent forever, having transcended the battlefield altogether.

Simplicity is the active mode, the phenomenal radiation or immanence of, emptiness; selflessness is the absolute mode of No-I, No-Subject. And the passive mode? The passive mode is the ‘you’ as the subjectivized object of noumemon– ‘you’ as subject/receiver that returns to the sender/origin which is noumemon.

All-Origin is noumemon. All-noumemon is all there ever IS.

We return to the Origin through selfless-simplicity because this living reality is the perfect reflection of the very nature of noumemon. Through simplicity ‘we’ become the very image that is reflected in the mirror of Emptiness Itself.

Noumemon, liberation, simplicity, selflessness (no-I), emptiness, enlightenment, god-realization, are all the same name-concepts, they are all ‘of’ Origin. Origin– the circle without circumference, the center, everywhere at once and always undifferentiated, manifests eternally as THAT-IS. Impossible to be outside of That Circle, ’we’ too are that same center. Through No-I ’we’ too are That.

May all beings be well and happy.






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