Sample Letter to a College
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Sample Letter to a College

I am applying  on behalf of my daughter seeking admission for her  in  your  prestigious College and  I state the following  facts in support of my  daughter’s application.

I have been working as a XXXXXXXX  in XXXXXXXX   chain  for the  last 10 years in Dubai, UAE. My objective of working in Dubai  was to return back to Sri Lanka  and to give  quality education to my children.  My wife  is XXXXXXXX   has 5 years  experience as a Teaching Assistant in  XXXXXXXX   and she also has one year experience  as a Learning Support Assistant in XXXXXXX.

Due to geographical and economical changes taking place in the world,  we have decided to resettle  down  in Sri Lanka.  My daughter  was  born on  the 8th July 2009 and   studying in XXXXXXX  School which is leading  educational institute in Dubai  from Foundation stage up to now  (6 years ).

During the last  6 years she   had shown that she is an  All-Rounder,  a  responsible, motivated and confident student.  Her daily work was not only accurate, but also meticulously neat and of the utmost quality.  She excels in all the subject areas and  especially   in Information Communication Technology (ICT).   She received awards  in Art Competitions, Sports and other curricular activities. Also she has been offered Academic Awards  and  appreciation letters from the School Principal  and following are some of her achievements;

  • She was a Student Leader  in School
  • A member of the Choir Group
  • Participated in Arts Competitions and won awards
  • Won Academic Awards
  • Participated in Stage Dramas

Your College is reputed in Sri Lanka as a disciplined as well as a college which gives superior education. Therefore,  I am eager to seek admission for  my daughter   in  your prestigious college as  beloved father. I need to give my daughter  a   high quality  education in a disciplined environment according to  our traditional and cultural values.    I thoroughly believe that in the event my daughter  is given education and the discipline from your college, she will bring honour and credit to your college and she will be a useful citizen in the future too.  Also I am   certain that  my   daughter  is    over and above in brain power  and understanding   among the children at  her   age group.

We are a Sinhalese Buddhist family. I have two daughters and one son aged 9, 4, and 2 respectively. Our family  lives together in a  harmonious environment and   we are  rearing  the daughter   in disciplined manner  and  my wife and I  spend much  time with the her   guiding her  in her   studies and also looking into the discipline and behaviour.  

I  assure you that I will cooperate with the teachers and the management   of the college in the event you are granting admission to my daughter. 

As a  father my    expectation  is to see that my daughter    become a   useful  citizen  and   bring  credit to your college and  also  serve  our  motherland.  As such, I earnestly hope  you will consider     my humble request favorably.

I thank you in advance for your kind consideration  and awaiting a positive response from you.

Yours faithfully,

…………………………………….. Father    
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