Personal Statement
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Personal Statement

I was born as the second son to a middle class family of a Government servant,  who was foresighted enough to provide me a  substantial secondary  education  at…………College, which is a leading Government  School in  our country.

 To put into it context, my professional and educational objectives include continuing my education and ultimately pursuing a career within the legal system.

 I want to divert my focus to business management.  Apparently many people have different ambitions in life so the word ambition would have different definitions depending on the person. To me ambition is a urge to achieve my goals  with dedication and  motivation.  My ambition propel me to work towards my set cherished goals. It is the dynamic inner force within me to cleave to a new path, set a new vision. I have  my ambition to  initiate a Law firm  in my country.

 I am well informed of the credentials of your institution through the internet peers and from the professionals known to me. I have understood you are a leader in professional education and reputed worldwide with international affiliations   and produced many successful professionals and I feel studying with you would be a vibrant experience.

 Under these circumstances,  I have decided to seek a placement in the  “Post Graduate Diploma in Business Enterprise” programme in your esteemed University in order to broaden my knowledge into this field.

 With  my knowledge and competencies strengthened and sharpened through your programme to equip myself with innovative, entrepreneurship and business management skills, attitudes and attributes.

 I feel extremely  confident of realizing my ultimate career goal, therefore, I sincerely hope my  application for the  programme of  “Post Graduate Diploma in Business Enterprise” would meet your favorable consideration.

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