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Love to Laugh

I am not the Writer of this  Conversation. Writer is a  Enlightened being and I publish this  for the benefit of  all people.



Sharer: Papa, I have been studying the transcript of a conversation you had with a Sharer concerning forgiveness. Will you kindly help me with that conversation?

Papa: Please allow me to see the writing. [Papa studied the written transcript

carefully] Ah yes, this conversation. Tell me, how many times did you read this?

Sharer: About two.

Papa: Ha, Ha! [Papa loves to laugh] “About two, you say?” Does that mean 1 ½? Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Sharer: I probably read it once well and then glance at it quickly a second.

Papa: Oh, I see, you “probably” read it once? Well, did you or didn’t you? “Probably” means you are not certain.


Sharer: No, I am certain! I read it once!

Papa: Ah, but I think “probably” was the honest answer. You see, what reads? You have the paper, on the paper appear words called “writing.” You have eyes that see these words. You have consciousness upon which the words take recognition as symbols of meaning. For example, when you read the word ’red’ you ’know’ what ’red’ is, correct?

Sharer: Yes.

Papa: But do you really? Can you tell me what ’red’ is without adding any descriptive ?

Sharer: Well , red is a color.

Papa: Yes, but what is color? You see, you have simply added a concept onto what red is. This ‘color’ concept is a complication. You have not said what ‘red’ is.

Sharer: Red is…red is… hum….. I can’t. I can’t say what red is.

Papa: But you ‘know’ what red is, correct?

Sharer: Yes, I can close my eyes and see red.

Papa: Ah! Very good! So you have conjured up ‘red’ in you mind.

Sharer: Yes…there it iiiiiiiiiisssssssss.

Papa: What you are experiencing is a type of ‘automatic thinking’. You take in the word red without awareness of what red is.

Papa: So now you have an example of thinking without thinking. Now, when you read this conversation about forgiveness, did you read it with knowledge or with just mind-written word = a sentence mind?

Sharer: I read it with mind-written word = mind.

Papa: So, the correct answer is I “probably” read it because rupa read it with eyes but mind was not in the awareness to comprehend it. All you did was recite it in your mind like a parrot talking.

Sharer: Yes, I see that now.

Papa: Good, now take this back [handing the transcript back] and study it. It contains a very far reaching Reality. It is a concise roadmap to absolute peace. Study it well. Make drawing of it, start with some symbol of ignorance at the bottom then show the arising of delusion and the birth of the desire to exist. Next draw the five chambers and above that the I-concepts that arise. Add the windows, add drawings of mental projections being squeezed out of mental properties. Draw above that the great “I” . Wrap the drawing in a symbol of pain and suffering. This can be your mandala of The Way of Joy- The cause of the arising of “I” mandala.

Sharer: That is incredible! I never thought to do that!

Papa: Do whatever you wish, now is the time for you to do what you are moved to do. But, it you wish, take a good look at this written conversation, consider it carefully, word by word and the next time we meet you will teach me what it means.

May you be well.





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