Letter to Bank
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Letter to Bank

In order to obtain a loan facility from your bank in order  to expand my business activities, I am writing  following facts for your kind consideration.




I have a  hotel in No……..  which is a prime location and  extremely populous  place for business in this city. As you are aware, Many people visit this city for various purposes every day.  I am presently offering customers, various types of  food items,  Rice and Curry, String Hoppers, Hoppers, Kottu, Indian and Chinese  foods. I  have  been successful   in my  business activities in the last  years due to my  dedication and commitment  together with my workers.  I have a large  loyal customers base in this area. Presently   10 workers are  employed in this hotel.  As a result increasing  demand,  I have decide to  expand this business for the benefit of all stakeholders.




I am planning to built a  restaurant    in order to give superb  dining experience for  customers.  A Restaurant with a  lounge  will  provide an intimate  experience in a truly special atmosphere. The choice of exotic offerings from imaginative and thoughtful menus from village type  is something  I am planning  with the fresh fish,  vegetables and fruits available in the area.




I am planning to  renovate the present building and  add new  and innovative  things in this restaurant. In this purpose I need  01 Nos Fruit Juice Bar,  02 No  Bottle Cooler,  01 Nos Deep Freezer,   Blenders, Glasses and  Trays. Estimated cost of these items are approximately Rs. 300,000/-.


Chinese Food Outlet


I am planning to  start a different section in the same restaurant for Chinese food  which has a great demand in this area.  In this purpose,  I need to fix an Air-condition machine to the outlet. I  have  to purchase Burners,  suitable tables and chairs to fit into  and give an Chinese environment.  In addition,  I have to  tile the floor  in an  area of  about 100 square feet,  fixing exhausting fans and  fans.  I am planning to  make appropriate  Food Display  in this outlet.  Estimated cost for all  these works  will be Rs. 650,000/-.


Catering Service


I am planning to start a   Catering Services in the same premises.  Therefore,  I need to  purchase  equipments such as plates, Glasses, Surfing dishes, Cloths, Buffet tables, Chairs, Sinks  and tents.  This will cost approximately Rs. 500,000/-.


Building Repairs


In order to  repair the building  to suit  into a restaurant, I have to repair the building.  Wiring should be done and  fixing Electrical lights, Color washing, fixing exhaust fans   and   re-do the drainage system include the building repairs.  Estimated cost will be Rs. 500,000/-.


Projected Budget


1. Requirements 300,000
2. Chinese Food  Outlet 650,000
3. Catering Service 500,000
4. Building Repairs 500,000
  Total estimated cost in Rupees 1,950,000


Projected  Profit


At the initial stage we  expect to recruit   another 10   employees and   our  profit  margin would be  Rs. ……………..  per month.


Settlement of Loan


We expect  to make  payments to the bank  Rs……………….. per month and total of Rs……………. per year.


Special Remarks


I am a businessman who  ensures a high ethical approach to  meet our customers’ demands. I am  constantly focusing on innovation and   believe in the simple and not the complex. I  use technology for the benefit of our customers  and  I am involved   only in projects where we can make a positive  contribution.  Forthrightly, I  do not settle for anything less than quality in every step of our way and   I  have the courage to change. I addition,  I have planned to make EPF/ETF payments  and give  much facilities for the workers.



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