Introduction to Project Report
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Introduction to Project Report

This Project is to cultivate  Corn (Maize ) in  50 acres of land in  North Central Province.  We will do all the investments on the cultivation up to the harvesting of the land and also marketing. We intend to  sell corn (Maize) in the local market and majority of the production is intended  to supply for animal  feeding for  cow milk production in the up-country. We have a request from a main cow milk producer in the up-country to supply maize for their cows.  In this Project we will  create  direct  employment opportunities and indirect employment opportunities.  We will   transport the Corn  from North Central  Province  to the Central Province so indirectly local transporters will make money by doing the transport. Then on return we will bring the squeezed cow manure which is complete organic compost  fertilizer  and sell in the local market while using it for our own cultivation too. This will be also an income from this project  and there will be  indirect employment  opportunities are  created for the people. This will not be a quick money making project   but it will be a project directly and  indirectly helping the country to develop the cow milk production and also helping the local cultivation by using organic compost Fertilizer  without using chemicals. We intend to invest approximately about Rs. 2 million  initially for this project.

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