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I am not the Writer of this  article. Writer is a  Enlightened being and I publish this  for the benefit of  all people.



Here is my advice to you. This advise to you is very special and is quite a new way of approaching Realization. This advise is from this person, your friend and teacher who writes to you from a complete state of knowledge with peace.

Please read this carefully and especially with a happy mind. Do not be concerned with your life in such a manner of “concern from I”. Please relax and have great confidence, great Joy and great Love for all beings.

Please let me know about your thoughts and reactions and any questions about this advise. I will answer your questions immediately.

Above all else Please practice this Way for many days and then let me know your mind/thoughts.

With Love,


 Here It Is, The No-Path:

 The Way Of Joy: 20 Steps

 The Realization of Nibbana does not depend upon meditation.

  1. Nibbana does not recognize meditation as anything outside of Itself.
  2. A mind that sets itself upon a path of meditation is a mind with desire and expectation as its fuel.
  3. Nibbana does not recognize desire and expectation as anything outside of Itself.
  4. A person who feels the need to Realize Nibbana is a mind that must Realize that it knows nothing, sees nothing and is kept very busy with a strong sense of “I AM”.
  5. Nibbana does not recognize a sense of “I AM” as anything outside of Itself.

 What then is the Practice?

  1. he Practice is only one thing: stepping aside and letting go.
  2. This Practice takes place not only on the meditation cushion but all day long wherever we are.
  3. Nibbana recognizes the state of stepping aside and letting go.
  4. A person can not Realize Nibbana; only Nibbana can Realize Nibbana.
  5. A person is not a person, not anything but no-self and impermanence.
  6. Nibbana recognizes no-self and impermanence because Nibbana is Itself without a self. Nibbana Knows Its No-Self.  Because of that Nibbana is “self-seen” due to the “illusion of self” being absent. Nibbana recognizes impermanence because Nibbana has existed beyond time, space and movement, forever.
  7. A person who Realizes Nibbana is a person who has Realized that there is no-self and that every illusion of being or manifestation is impermanent.


  1. When a person Realizes no-self and impermanence it is not the person that Realizes that but rather it is Nibbana that Realizes Itself in the mind of that person. Actually, there is no mind to that person because it has stepped aside, it has let goof the illusion.

So, What To Do?

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Go Nowhere.

What Does That Mean?

 It means live completely without expectation. Without desire. Without a mind filled with ideas and concepts. Meditate if you like, but do so without expectation of results or the amount of time to meditate. Ten minutes, Ten hours, the time is completely unimportant. The IMPORTANT DISCIPLINE IS THIS:

  1. Learn by practicing: Take many moments a day and say in your mind that you will not have any expectation of anything. Have, for example, no expectation of a tip, or a smile, or a happy customer. Have no expectation of kindness from others. Have no expectation that anyone will do their job well or poorly. Learn to have no expectations of anything whatsoever.
  2. Ask yourself many times throughout the day, “Am I happy?” The answer will vary. Then ask yourself, “ How happy am I?” Learn to scale your happiness by simply feeling your state of happiness. Give yourself a grade, “I am 80 % happy, I am 65% happy, etc.
  3. This grade is called your Joyometer. Learn to judge your state and level of Joy many, many times per day.
  4. Realize that your state of Joy depends upon your state of expectations.
  5. Drop all expectations and the Joy increases.
  6. A high level of Joy means you will be living totally and completely the 8-fold path in all things. A person does not even need to know what the 8-fold Path is! He will be living it!
  7. Learn to notdo the things that cause you any loss of Joy.

DO The Above Like It Is A Religion!

  1. If you do the above like everything depends on it then:
  2. You will have no need of concerns like “As a layman it is always very difficult to concentrate on Nama Rupa as object to Nibbana.” First of all: Nama and Rupa are used as meditation objects to simply show the meditator that Nama and Rupa are not really real but only illusions. A person can realize that much more quickly by dropping the concept that Nibbana cares anything about Nama or Rupa. And especially if a person’s mind can Realize that Nama and Rupa are nothing. This is not difficult and if you just stop and really think a moment YOU will Realize that your Nama and Rupa are really nothing. No need spend endless hours proving what you already know! You already know this! Now just realize that you already know this!
  3. You will always be in a state of relaxed, happy concentration.
  4. You will be in a state of all of the virtues. How can a person in a state of of Joy not be Metta or Karuna?
  5. You will be in the perfect state for Nibbana to know Itself in your mind because your mind will be in a state of quiet peace. Only a quiet mind can step aside.

Can This Really be The Practice?

 There is no other Practice more direct in stepping outside of the illusion.

  1. You are awake when you make yourself practice wakefulness. Practice The Way Of Joy and Buddhi (awakefulness) will show Itself to “you”


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