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Do you ever think giving pains to others will give you satisfaction or reduce your own pain?

Inflicting pain on your enemies will not ease your pain but will increase your suffering. When you have been harmed, there is no point in doing the same thing to the person who did that.

What is the purpose? Others may have done wrong to you. When they are taking your belongings, when they are not giving your dues, when they refuse what you deserve, give them forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the remedy for you as well as for others. With forgiveness you can look forward with a positive approach to life. Forgiveness is not what you agree with what others have done to you instead there is no option for forgetting past.

What has happened is happened. Do not cling to the past and keep resentment and anger in your heart.With anger in your heart, you will destroy your life.

At least not for the sake of the others but for the sake of yourself forgive and forget.

It does not mean that you like to be hurt again but forgiveness gives you the freedom.

When your ego dictates you to revenge, stop and think it again.What is the purpose of taking revenge?

Find an alternative way to go forward. You need lot of energy to forgive and forget.

It is not a weakness. Forgiveness is a very powerful positive energy.

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