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unds invested in company’s life fund which is professionally managed with attractive returns. 100% of distributable investment yield of the life fund credited to your individual account. Guaranteed minimum dividends declared at the beginning of the year will not fall below the minimum guaranteed. You can see your individual account accumulating monthly with dividends. The money you invest with this plan is professionally managed under strict regulations.

If the unforeseen occurs during the term of the plan your loved ones will be paid with the guaranteed life cover or value of the account which ever is higher. Your spouse too could be covered with additional protection benefit. Choose from the flexible term option of 10, 15, and 20 years. Enjoy dividends even if you are unable to continue your premium payments. You can see how your account grows during the term of the plan similar to your bank savings account. You can obtain a loan against the value of the account. Critical illness benefit for the life assured and spouse offers a free indicated sum if the assured has been diagnosed of a specified critical illness or undergone surgery for the first time. Hospital cash benefit shall be applicable for life assured and spouse. Hospitalization cover up to Rs.00.00 a day to a maximum of 180 days a year. In case of I.C.U treatment amount will be doubled.

In the event of the death of the life assured, the company pays an annual income equal to family income benefit some assured in quarterly installments until the expiry of the policy term. Family protection benefit provides you up to five times the value of your basic some assured with a small addition to your premium. This is paid in case of an accidental or natural death. Accidental death benefit up to two times of the sum assured. Total and permanent disability benefit due to accident or sickness the relevant sum assured will be paid in 5 equal annual installments. Total and permanent disability due to accident the relevant sum assured will be paid in 5 equal annual installments. Extended partial and permanent disability benefit due to an accident according to the severity of the disability a percentage of sum assured is payable. Waver of premium benefit on total permanent disability due to accident or sickness.Spouse benefit will provide life cover for the spouse of the policy holder.

Funeral expenses benefit up to maximum of Rs.00.00 on notification of death. Child health benefit provides daily hospital cash and the surgery benefit which pays out the relevant percentage of the sum assured specified in the event of undergoing surgeries listed in the policy which covers 000 surgeries. Major surgery benefit provides relevant percentage of the sum assured specified immediately after a surgery due to an accident or sickness. The benefit covers 000 major surgeries.

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Financial Adviser

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