Executive Summary
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Executive Summary

In  (1)  Background heading  I have given  a brief description about the  Healadiwa Financial Services PLC.

In (2) I have discussed  Current HR practices in  HFS and its impact on present business activities.

In (3) under the heading “my three months action plan”  I have   disclosed my  next three months action plan to  take  the Company on  right track.

In (4) I have  given a introduction to  my     entire work.

In (5)  I have indentified   areas where improvement  is necessary   and given three  suggestions to the management  in order to improve the overall quality of business activities  in HFS.

In (6)  under the sub heading Demographic Composition .   I have discussed the   information  to be collected  about employees and  based on them  future  assessment procedure of employees.

In (7)  I have discussed the productivity  and efficiency of the staff


in (8)  Conclusion  of the  work  I have summarized the full report.


In (9) Recommendations made to the management.

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