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Covering Letter

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Dear Sir,


I would like to apply for the above post  and state the following facts in support of my application.


I possessed a strong background in quality control systems and production in garment industry. I am confident that my exceptional qualifications match your organization’s current requirements. My expertise lies in my ability to effectively interact with employees identify and resolve complex issues, and develop innovative solutions for achieving a wide range of business development strategies and management objectives in garment industry.


I have excellent administrative skills combined with an extensive base of knowledge and experience. I am  resourceful adaptable and self-directed with the ability to meet even the most challenging goals due to outstanding troubleshooting, analytical  and problem solving skills, adhere to timely delivery of goods to customer.


Garment manufacturing is quiet different to any other conventional manufacturing. It is not a continuous production method. Each style is different product that requires different type of fabric color buttons thread etc. Hence, requirement of product integrity at every stage requires detailed knowledge about the quality parameters, quality problems, their causes and remedies. It is necessary to know the complete process of garment making, selection of yarn-fabric production and garment manufacturing so that quality level can be improved.  It is necessary to draw the attention of work force towards the shortcomings inherent in the quality systems and processes. In this context, to ensure a quality product the first step that manufacturer should take is the quality control and the valuation of input material.  I understand the types and inherent nature and characteristics of the fabric. Some characters, which appear as fabric defect, may be nature of another type of fabric. There are many instances where fabric is rejected due to this misunderstanding. There should be proper training facilities   and material available   to enhance the knowledge of workers engaged in production .At present technological level, it is impossible for any garment factory   to manufacture absolutely defect free fabric.  Quality is unusually slippery and difficult to come to grip with.


I would appreciate a personal interview to discuss the ways in which my background and expertise could assist you in accomplishing your goals.  In the event I am selected to the above post, I assure that I will discharge my duties to the best of my ability and to the entire satisfaction of my superiors.

I have enclosed my resume for your review.



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