Benefits of Mobile Phones
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Benefits of Mobile Phones

Today People manage their bank accounts, download music and videos and even check local traffic conditions utilizing network. For the purpose of a more accurate prediction, a disclaimer could be added to  the person sitting on the mountain was located within the mobile coverage area so they could effectively interact with the virtual society and take advantage of the facilities offered by the network the change in the
role of urban planners as a result of telecommunications. These are the old-
style planner talked about physical zoning, the balance of employment,
housing and open space and traffic flows. The new style planner has to
consider the configuration of electronic systems and Local Area Networks
(LANs) and the provision of bandwidth to each urban area. The town planners
dealt with the stocks and flows of vehicles. Today’s public authorities have to
face the stocks and flows of information too.


Telecommunications are becoming a new component in urban and regional development planning.  The desire is to use telecommunications as a structuring element in cities and regions and incorporate telecommunications in economic and social development the theoretical approach behind planning for telecommunications. One of the key questions in that attempt to address is from the perspective of
urban planning, what roles are there for urban policies, plans and strategies,
and for urban design, community development, and transport policies, within
the shift to a so called tele-mediated urban life, based more and more on all
types of online interactions.

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