Appointment Letter
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Appointment Letter

We are pleased to inform you that  you are appointed    with effect from 1st October  as a …………………… on salary scale of .




If  you  have not decided on your appointment previously  under  three year probation period or  from the date of your appointment if your  probation period to be extended under such term until you receive  a letter  confirming your appointment is permanent  you have to serve under  probation.






If your services is unsatisfactory during the  probation period  at any time during the probation period or at the end of it your services may be  discontinued.






You have to be conversant with English  language  during the probation period. Permanency of your appointment depends on other matters including  your passing of  English  proficiency test.






If you fail the English  Proficiency test  any time during the probation period  or at the end,   your services can be discontinued.   However,  your behaviour and work is satisfactory if the Director is satisfied that  you have endeavored to gain proficiency of  English  language,  discontinuation of your services  may  be extended.  After the due date    within satisfactory period  if you pass  the  test,  on the consent of the    Director  seniority deprival can be  excluded. 







If your services are satisfactory during  probation period  if you pass the  English  proficiency test  according to the  administrative procedures  at the end of the probation period your appointment will be made permanent.









Your appointment is under  financial regulations,   organizational  manual regulations,  Regulation manual , and  from time to time   other regulations  and orders.






In the event  Director’s directive     you are bound to  keep a bond  according to the company procedure.






You have to serve in any  area of the island  as directed to you.






Your appoint is  subject to EPF/ETF  and  contributions from your salary  should be paid. 






Your registered No. is 109540.  In all your   duty  documents under your signature this number should be indicated.






If it is disclosed that  the  information given by you  are false at any time or  purposely you have suppressed any information you are not qualified to be appointed  and  your appointed will immediately be revoked.






You have to inform that you are in receipt of this letter.














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