Aesthetic Taste
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Aesthetic Taste

Shoe Designers are creative, curious and have a strong sense of imagination to  create a design and  also to develop their ideas along with pattern makers, technical staff. They have to gain wide range of knowledge of all segements  and in-depth knowledge of  technology, production, sales and marketing.  The courses aim  to endow the students with world of stylists who design footwear designing and creating a fashion.It is required innovative ideas and  a combination of creativity and aesthetic taste familiar with market trends  in  ever changing   fashions. Shoe designer plans and creates the collections by  developing a design theme, models,  drawing sketches  selecting colour combinations and materials.

Patternmaking is planning the production of footwear prototype and developing a design project associating traditional and modern techniques  aimed at creating a final prototype developing shapes and sizes initiating and implementing the ground work  and preliminary  steps  towards production. Shoe designer must  perfectly know the materials, components and finishing parts.


Responsibility of the institute  is concerned with treating  students and patrons  in a responsbile manner and also includes environmental and social responsibility.


It is not an accident and it requires patience and effort. If you want to be more responsible and practice the skills that will help you, you can become more responsible. Shoe Designing Training Institue  emphasizes  that you have to be disciplined and concentrate only on studying and learn well during the course of study


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