Love yourself
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Love yourself

The safest foundation for building  relationships  is to have it based on self love. Truly you can only love and accept others to the extent that you love and accept yourself. Love is the only thing that is real and the only thing that ultimately really matters to us.  The significant  key to raising your love share is embodying a high level of self love.  Self Love is so important  and   I really feel that the root cause of almost all problems including  sicknesses and financial problems are  because you have no self love.   Our society in a lot of ways is structured around giving our power away to others.

So many people give their power away to partners or employers or friends.  Your power is your gift and when you give it away to others you often wind up feeling exhausted of your enjoyment in  life.  I see this in relationships where so many people give away their power to partners and try to make themselves into someone different than who they are just to be loved and to keep staying in the relationship. When I am emotionally   angry, upset that I would begin to resonate with that energy and take it on.

Therefore my solution then was just to not hang out with people who would leave me feeling exhausted. Sadly a lot of my  earlier  friends fell into that category. When I was accused me of being selfish, it really challenged me because I took it personally.  However,  after a lot of experimenting in inner world, I decided that nothing wrong  to be thought of as being selfish as long as I knew deep within that I was not. We each live in our own inside world  and our communications and interactions with others can be difficult some times. We interpret things in the worst possible way and what we envision often is totally different from what was intended on the part of the other person.

When you feel emotionally charged by something and agitated and not in a peaceful place, take some deep breaths and follow the energy of the emotion. If you are feeling anger in your head breathe in love to your head and what will often happen is that the feeling will move  away,  using your breathing and love to dissolve the emotional iissues.  There are always ways we can improve and do better on something.


We are not living  in a perfect world so  do not expect other people to be perfect.  One of the big traps of perfectionism is to compare ourselves to others. There are always people  that are better than  us in some areas  and we are better than others in some areas.   Focus on your gifts rather than your flaws and you will grow bigger than your challenges.  This is a very basic application of the Law of Attraction.

Energetically when we do something wrong , it is important to acknowledge it and just let them go. When we take time out to beat up on ourselves for doing something wrong – it often worsens  and not improves the situation.  When you do beat up on yourself, recognize it as soon as possible and stop the energetic damage at that moment.

The only person in life that you can rescue or save is yourself and every time    You can help people a lot when they are ready to save and rescue themselves but if they are not in that blessed space there is really nothing you can do to get them there. What happens energetically when you try to rescue another is that you take on more of  their negative energy.

People who are burned out at work or feel very little energy are usually depleted because one or two things. Either they are totally disconnected from their passion or they are surrounded by people who cannot return the love they transmit to others.   If you spend your life doing things that are not joyful to you or hang out with people who cannot give in return your love, you are not  creating a very joyful life for yourself.  Love your self as much as possible that is the real solution for you as well as others around you.


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