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We  forecasted  in our annual Report  we mentioned  that  our company  will be able to give  leadership to    get  Sri Lanka Insurance  Industry to a  new  track   while maintaining the identity of our company.  As  expected,  we are pleased   to note that we have   taken a new pathway. Overcoming   various obstacles in the past,  trying   novel  experiments,   our company was able to explain the meaning of  protection  to the under privileged people of the society.

 We   initiated  outside the normal  business activities  to supply services to  under privileged  people due to poverty and ignorance  who have  distanced from the pressure groups.   This institution was  started  by people for the  people and  last   years  gaining  a variety of  experiences  and marched  forward   in   methodical,  substantial  and energetic  manner.

 Our aim was  basically,   under the insurance act, to provide  our target  customers  to give  better and   excellent services.   through  a life insurance   properties,  Loan securities,  vehicles  and other  various  insurance sections.   Specially  on behalf of  Sri Lankan rural population,  we took steps to  provide  life insurance,  general insurance  and other relevant services.

 We were able to implement a training program for Our staff.  This is specially vital,  based on weather report  cultivation insurance and  Veterinary Insurance  sections.  Human Resources  are methodically trained  and  their  understanding are  for the benefit of the organization. Therefore,   it is necessary to activate the  development  of Human Resources.

 Overall  activities contributed to you,   the owners of the Company and   before the  end of the year the  Company will increase its profits and  it will progress further and further proficiently. It is necessary to increase the  share capital of the company and  we invite all of you to contribute in this regard.

 Its a pleasure to note that during  the short period of time our  Company has taken a  profitable  pathway. I am thankful for our shareholders, Board of directors and  dedicated staff members.

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