Mobile phone Towers and Enviornment
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Mobile phone Towers and Enviornment

The mobile phone industry has suffered significant opposition in recent times in relation to the potential health impacts associated with telecommunication towers and also their aesthetic influence on the built and natural environments. Environmentalist has taken guns against telecommunication companies stating that mobile towers gravely affectenvironment. In the event someone were to hear the term ‘electromagnetic emissions, they would probably associate this with the health effects caused by mobile phones and their towers. Additionally, it is difficult to hide a 30 meter mobile phone tower located in a suburban area comprising one to two storey homes and natural vegetation. These issues are at the forefront of the debate over the acceptance of mobile phone towers, which often headline in the media and expose the vulnerability of society to commercialization. Given that these issues attract considerable attention, the planning process and community consultation for mobile phone towers often goes unnoticed, which emphasizes the need for such a discussion prior to construct a new telecommunication tower.

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