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knowledge of basic footwear pattern drafting, illustration and technical drawing, computer skills and marketing strategies  which are the special skills necessary to be a Shoe Designer will be endowed in our  well programmed Shoe Designing Course. Read More

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XXX Plc  in its capacities is prepared  to invest in the industry   and participating on the wireless mobile telecommunication services   in the country. Read More

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It is consolation for you as there are no precise prerequisites to become a Shoe Designer. Important qualities are passion and intuition. Read More

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How to become a Shoe Designer

Becoming a Shoe Designer or anything else in the field of footwear production, you have come to right place. Read More

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Designing shoes and Information Technology

Design and technological processes  are the main stages before the production of footwear. Read More

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Today people are living in midst of global information revolution driven by the convergence and proliferation of communication technology.  Read More

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Fashion Line

With a variety of sizzling fashion lines for women’s, men’s and children’s Shoes, Shoe Designing Training Institute  is a fashion entity and encapsulates style, panache and latest fashion trends.  Read More

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Our mission is to develop  human resources, imparting  knowledge and skills with  appropriate courses. Read More

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This institute  was set up  with an objective to provide human resources to the footwear industry. Read More

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Self Employment

In the event  you are qualified and gained considerable knowledge and skills as a Shoe Designer,  you are free to  launch your own business  and  enter into the Shoe Producing industry. Today not only  in Sri Lanka but  all over the world people men, women and children all  wear shoes. At present it has become a basic need of human beings. There is an interminable potential  market for shoes. Your  skills to  design shoes attractively in order  to magnetize  customers,  there is no doubt,that will  pave the way for you,  scope is there for you,  to be successful businessman in this grassland.


Staff Recruitment


We invite all  Shoe Producing Companies to get in touch with us. In the event  you have difficulties in finding  right  shoe designers or similar grade workers for employment , contact us and we can recommend  skilled professionals for  employment in your Company. You can interview them and take a decision to  recruit them and what we do is only recommendation.


Staff Training


In addtion,  it will certainly be in the interest to you that we are able to train your existing staff  and make them more  efficient  and productive.Conditions can be adjusted  and modified in order to accomplish the goals on mutual consent.

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