Yala – Tourist Destiantion
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Yala – Tourist Destiantion

Yala is the second largest  National Park in Sri Lanka.  It is in extent  97,880.7 hectares and  most of the area  are covered with  plains   and in this forest  coastal area  water springs, rivers and  woods are in  plenty  in the  environment.  There are many wild   animals  such as Asian elephants, crocodiles,  wild boars,   Bisons,  Ash apes,  Cuckoos, wild fowls  and Indian peacocks. They   are in plenty. 

In plains   vultures,  white neck gulls   can be seen  and  Alimana  and Lathuwekiya  are  attracted to wet lands.

Yala National Park is  popular among  Foreign and local travelers and  thee are many travel and tours companies in Sri Lanka  will make necessary arrangements to   tour in Yala national park.

This is a  ideal  tourist destination and you will enjoy thoroughly  in this environment. When you are preparing for next  visit to Sri Lanka  keep in mind the Yala National Park 

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