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Speak the truth clearly and sincerely with respect for the others .

Do not ever try to cheat or deceive others with your cunning words. You will never successful.When you tell one dishonest word, you need another ten cheating words to prove it.

Do not try to hid the truth from beautiful words. Truth will come to light sooner or later and you will fall into embarrassment.

Speak only the truth. Do not tell falsehood. If you are cheating others, you will become a liar and people lost faith on you and they will not trust you even though when you are telling the truth.

Truth does not need lot of explanation. Use only little words as much as possible to express truth. No explanations are necessary for the truth.Truth is like a light and it cannot be hidden.

Truth shows the truth. When you are sincere, genuine and pure in heart it is not possible to come out cheating words from your mouth.

Do not let words to pouring out from your mouth. Be careful about your words. Words have a power.

Truth has a great positive energy and power behind

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