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Sri Lanka has an extraordinary variety of places to visit within its modest physical dimensions, a natural environment of such scenic beauty and diversity. This Island has more than two thousand years of recorded history, and the remarkable achievements of the early Sinhalese civilization can still be seen in the ruined cities and great religious monuments. The glories of this early Buddhist civilization continue to provide a benchmark of national identity for the island’s Sinhalese population. Long-established Tamil population in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka  have established a vibrant Hindu culture.

Sri Lanka has   attracted travelers for centuries. Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as the finest island in the world because of its natural scenic beauty.  Indian, Arab and European traders and adventurers came to Sri Lanka in search of   rare spices and precious stones. Sri Lanka is an island floating in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.  Around the Island over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches fringed with coconut palms. Most of Sri Lankan  tourist hotels and resorts are located along this  attractive  coastal belt.

Nature lovers   compare Sri Lanka to a teardrop falling from the tip of the India. It is in the shape of a pearl   and name given to the island was Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Arab traders named Sri Lanka as Serendib   and this country was identified  by  the British  in English word “Serendipity”.

A compelling variety of landscapes ranging from wildlife-rich lowland jungles, home to extensive population of elephants, wild animals  and rare endemic bird species. Nuwara- Eliya or “The Little England” of Sri Lanka   is set against beautiful background of mountains, valleys and waterfalls.  All around Nuwara-Eliya, you will find  evidence of the British influence in cottages or   mansions. The Victoria Park in the middle of the Nuwara-Eliya town is an exquisite place for a picnic and is also fine for bird watching as you can find  some rare species of birds.

Sri Lanka has a reputation for its Gem industry.  Some of the rarest of gem stones of exquisite beauty have taken pride of place, in the Crown jewels of Kings and Queens from the time of Great Roman Emperors.

Sri Lanka is now experiencing peace   after three decades of Civil war and although the physical, political and human scars of war still remain, however,   tourism industry in Sri Lanka is progressing rapidly more and more tourists are attracted to Sri Lanka from all over the world.


Sri Lankan people are warm and friendly throughout Sri Lanka the hospitality of Sri Lankan people will help you start lifetime friendships. We offer all the specialized services required to run a world class operation, providing customers with adventurous, educational and fun trips that make them yearn to come back again and again. We can proudly say that creativity and thoroughness are the most important part much more than a tour operator, our company gives the opportunity to feel warmth and   friendliness of Sri Lankan people   with the professionalism that always characterizes our unique services.


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