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Strategy – When a Company enters into a new venture and endeavour to achieve progress and development in this field.

 Structure – The Company at present on operation on a functional structure. There are various departments and sections and with the inception of proposed venture, it will take up a geographical structure and another new department will be created as Brand department with a Brand Manager to develop a brand name for the new product and promote it in the market.

 Systems – New venture to be launched and subsequently operations will be commenced and this is located from which the services are provided to the customers. The employees of the section will be trained continuously in order to provide excellent customer satisfactions and to exceed the expectations of the customers.

Staff – Training will be continually provided to employees attached to the new venture, new staff as well as the existing staff in order to increase the productivity level to the maximum. Training should also be provided to the staff to be motivated and inspired in order to have a satisfied customer base.

 Style – The company has to adopt the management style is participative leadership style and is operating in rapidly changing business environment and trends and operating in such environment striving to accomplish the market leader position in the relevant filed and it should develop this participative leadership management style.

 Skills – The company has to continue to work towards improving its employee’s skills. This objective can be accomplished through training and further developing its human resources. Training must be provided for carrying out duties, motivational and inspirational programs are necessary to keep them motivated and excited in order to face to the challenges of the present trends. Moreover it is necessary to have commitment of the staff and they must be loyal and dedicated to the organisation.

 Shared Values – Identified values for the company are dedication to sustainable use of resources, aim for innovative solutions – products and services, aim to exceed the expectations of customers, targeting profitable growth , increasing value for shareholders and learning new things in the relevant field.

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