Sample Research Study
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Sample Research Study

In this case study   staff , some of the customers and  other companies which have business dealings with the  ABCED  PLC  were interviewed and got feed feedback in order to find  the present situation of the company and also referred to  various  financial reports and  other printed matter to   get a clear picture of the company.

In the case study it came to light  that Human Resources department has been   handled by Mr. XXXX, Senior Manager r who had worked in the legal section prior to his assignment in personnel department. In the present circumstances in the  Human Resources department is being operated as a  legal department   and   it is necessary to introduce  professional and contemporary  HR practices for the smooth functioning and  future growth of this company.

There is no proper promotions system is in operation for the employees of the company   and as a result there is frustration and disappointment among staff members.

In the research it was found that most of the employees  in the company  have been doing the same work over and over again and nature of the work is monotonous and as a result there is dissatisfaction.

It was found that designations given to HFS employees were outdated, not in conformity with modern practices. Employees prefer to have a better designations to be proud of themselves. Without spending any financial resources   employees can be motivated with  creative designations but this practice has been neglected by  the company.

There is no proper management strategy to motivate people and make them imaginative passionate and contribute their abilities and capabilities to the growth of the company. 

There is no proper incentive scheme in practice to persuade and inspire   employees in the company  in order to take utmost productivity and as a result most of the   staff members  have become sluggish.

There is no proper system in operation in the company  to evaluate employees to assign work according to fit into the  innate nature of  each every employees. It is the duty of the management to appraise them according to their nature and assign duties accordingly.

There is no proper practice in operation to recognize employees in the company. Recognition of employees is very important in a company to take utmost from employees for the   smooth functioning of the Company  as well as for  career development of the staff.

All employees  must be given the challenge that with   dedication  or working harder or working imaginatively,  they can contribute to the institution they work  and  in that manner    employees  will also be  given some  sort of rewards. There is no proper management tactics  in operation in the company  in this area. Management must realize that every employee is preferred to   go up in his or her career  ladder and that opportunity must be  bestowed to them. 

Prior to most of the decision making processes employees’ ideas  should  be acquired. Management must encourage employees to contribute with  new ideas and this can be done with offering  rewards  to the employees.  There is  no such system is in operation in the company. In order to motivate employees to show that  management is paying  attention   and respect the creative ideas and suggestions of employees of the company. 

Cross Training is s not in operation in the company. Under the cross training  employees are   given the opportunity  to work in different sections and consequently   they can  get rid of  monotonous  nature of the work. When the employees are trained in different sections when there is  absence of employee company functions will not be disturbed.

There is no such a management strategy is in operation in the company   to recognize  employees in a manner  selecting a best employee of the month or  best employee of the section in order to inspire them.

There is no such a practice in operation in the company  at present to offer Financial rewards to its employees considering  their performance.  It is with the financial reward  people can be motivated  and inspired  other than anything else.

Non financial incentive  scheme is an another way to  inspire and motivate  employees and  get the maximum  from employees for the  growth of the organization and it is necessary to design such a  scheme in the company.

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