Project Report
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Project Report

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy of Sri Lanka and the means of livelihood of most of the rural population.   Sustained Agriculturalgrowth is critical for uplifting the living  standards of our people as well as  generating rapid  economic growth. However,  in spite of the importance of the agricultural sector farming  in our  country has for many years  been predominantly a small scale d and poorly machined activity of low production and productivity. In order to address these challenges  we are going to implement this project.

Development and  progress are extensive  terms used for the positive change in people living in the society. This expression includes natural and human resources development and poverty eradication among  urban as well as rural communities. The dream of sustainability and development in society is not possible when majority of its people are in poverty, no nutritious foods, no proper dwelling, no required medical facilities and no opportunities for their education.  We have to ensure ecological sound development and poverty eradication in Sri Lanka by enhancing skills to the unemployed youth segments of Sri Lanka and through awareness campaigns. Our traditional farming and livestock sectors need to be reformed in scientific lines while our new generation is going away from cultural and religious values day by day, recreational activities and restoration of cultural norms can be reviewed by renovated initiatives which would be an adding to elegant for above mentioned prevailing issues. We have to uplift the women in society and we have to safeguard the young people from drugs and alcohol menace. Awareness raising campaigns through training and conducting health and educational awareness in community would contribute to achieve our objectives. We earnestly seek the unity of our members, other segments of the society who willing to assist us in the endeavour. This Project will entirely take hold of the communities residing in Sri Lanka and mainly assist the affectedor  disables, widows and orphans.

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