Personal Development Planning
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Personal Development Planning

Personal Development Planning (PDP) is a continuous development process that enable  me  to make the best use of  my  skills and helps advance both the  personal  plans and professional plans. . The process of Personal Development  Plan is continuous by its  innate  nature. It benefits  me as wellas the  the organisation which I work for . It also benefits  my supervisors and  colleagues/peers and other staff with whom I work.

I suppose  It is a four-step process comprising: preparation; personal evaluation including the completion of a PDP.  PDP ensures that employees receive recognition for their work through a process which acknowledges their achievements and provides them with as much information as possible about what they do and what is required in order to do better.

Personal Development Plan  allow  me  to identify in terms of personal development where I  have come from, how I am  getting on in  my  job at present, where I  would like to be in the future and how I  propose to get there. The questions to be completed are framed as follows:

1) where have I been?

2) where am I now?

3) where would I like to be?

4) how do I get there?

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