Objective of a Library
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Objective of a Library

Objective of  a  library is  giving  the required information and making them available to all the users  in the fitting time. It seeks affording and organizing balanced sets of books and other information sources to go together with  requirements of  users and presenting them the researchers  using the both traditional and modern electronic  methods.Assessments of outcome  may specify  to what extent  user requirements are met, quality of library services and  collection, benefits or effectiveness of  expenses incurred   and whether library is  achieving its assignment or ultimate goal. It is a difficult  and  expensive task to conduct the  assessment and find out  the outcome.Libraries may not pursue outcome assessment in the event  administrators of libraries    do not request such  information. How can you assess the measures executed by the library ? What is its impact on users  as well as learning process and research? There is no criterion  in order to make assessment and compilation of data to facilitate  to realize the  performance.

Modern  society  is in constant need of information. Library serves as the entity accountable for the collecting, processing, managing and disseminating of this information  in order to meet the changing requirements.It is equally important how libraries are changing  and  why  these changes  happening  are not covered  by the performance measures of traditional libraries. As an example  why libraries are using   different  data  in accordance with the size of the library. Background data and interpretative techniques are  required in order to  classify  why libraries are changing and  that type of tools are not available at present.  Different institutional goals and local library policies  are confusing  the tasks of interpreting and comparing data. Dissimilarities in institutional mission affect   library  and commitment of  library for collection of  data and analysis. Clamouring  for some vision of what is happening  even though confronted with  obstacles,  the tendency is to collect existing data to   disclose trends  and subsequently to interpret the  data carefully  as they  may be  confusing.  In the event these  intricate  issues are solved  conventional library measures  would  still gives an imperfect  scenario of the information  as they  focus strictly on information services  offered by libraries  taking no notice  services provided by other entities.  Library science in reality  needs  to examine  activities  far way from  the  library as well as activity and  its effect  within the  library. In library operations the absence of standard explanations and measures for gathering and interpreting  information that would enable to  explain shifting patterns and usage is unfavourably affecting strategic planning and the cases that library management  must make to win  support for the library and its changing directions.


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