My duties
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My duties

My  duties as an Assistant Manager is to coordinate with the  Computer Programer of our company to  identify and communicate with   our customers to formulate  and produce a  requirement specification to create  systems and software solutions.  Our company is one of the leading business partner, developer and implementer of business management software and services to  over thousands of customers  around the globe. My purpose is to help the customers   and serve them run their businesses  more efficiently  and effectively  helping them to gain greater insight  into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by  automating their business processes.

With the  benefit of  my experience and understanding and insight I provide  software  and services  through our programmer  that are relevant, practical and useful for the demands of today’s small, medium and large  sized business organizations.

I  offer outstanding customer service  and our customer  centric approach is designed to engender customer loyalty whilst at the same time setting us apart from our competitors.I   service our company to exceed the expectations of our  valued customers and in order to do this  we work as a team and helping each other  and learning  from each other.

Our company market develop and support business software that automates business processes  and our product range   including the  following

*        Customer Relationship Management software

*        Human Resources Management Software

*        Project Costing Software

*        Production Management Software

*        Document Management Software

*        Point of Sales

*        Fixed Asset Management Software

*        Property Management

*        Business Intelligence

*        Web based applications

*        E-business

We also offer tailor made  software solutions  for the requirements  of business within some specific industries that enhance the core products industries including the following  sectors.

  • Rreal estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Accountancy
  • Distribution
  • Clinical
  • Construction

The support service and aftercare our  company provide to our customers continues to be  the corner stone of the success of our company and as the Assistant Manager,  I am effectively  contributing  with my experience  and skills to the success of my company.

Software Solutions is a highly successful business and I am  extremly proud of being  a part of  my company   what our company is doing    and what  our company has achieved in this field. Success of our company  is built upon a belief that every individual contribution should be recognized, respected and valued. Our company  combine a global perspective with strong local expertise and remain single minded in our focus on our customers in order to exceed their expectations as customers  are most important  people of any business organization.

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