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    LT300 asphalt scarifier
    Classification and use of road milling machines
    Road milling machine is mainly used for excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surface such as highways, urban roads, airports, freight yards and parking lots, asphalt pavement, oil waves, netting, rutting, etc. The milling of the surface layer is wrong.
    According to the milling width, the road milling machine can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. It is suitable for small-area road maintenance, scraping spray marking, milling small trenches, etc., generally without waste recycling device. It is mainly used for road maintenance and repair work. At present, China mainly produces small-scale road milling machines, and large and medium-sized products are basically blank.
    In addition, according to different types of milling, it can be divided into hot milling and cold milling. Cold milling is currently dominant due to its wide application range. The milling machine can be divided into wheel type and crawler type according to different walking modes. According to the different direction of rotation of the milling drum and the walking direction, it can be divided into up-cut milling and down-cut milling. According to the presence or absence of waste recycling conveyor, it can be divided into transport type and No transport type; according to the different installation methods of the milling drum, it can be divided into fixed and mobile.Floor Scarifier for sale


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