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    Snow blowers equipment hydraulic cylinder
    JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery has an unmatched level of knowledge and experience serving the snow and ice removal market. Rigid heavy duty welded design, high tensile steel and top quality seals allow JSRUIYA’snow blowers cylinder to work in severe winter environment. We offer unparalleled comprehensive solutions to properly equip winter maintenance equipment.

    Snowblower Chute Angle Hydraulic Cylinder
    Mini Tractor Snow Blower Steering Hydraulic Cylinder

    Product details:
    Cylinder type: welded, tie rod, piston, plunger
    Acting mode: single and double acting
    Stages: single or multi stage (up to 6 stages)
    Working pressure: up to 35 MPa
    Lifting Capacity: up to 100 ton
    Seal Kits: Parker, hallite or Nok
    Rod: Chromed, ground & polished piston rod
    Tube: honed seemless steel tube
    Mounting type: flange, ear, clevis, trunnion, eye, lug or on your request
    Maximum stroke: 9030mm
    Maximum shaft diameter: 400mm
    Quality certifaction: ISO9001:2008

    Mounting way:
    1. Front and end of earring;
    2. head fixed with flange;
    3.end fixed with flange;
    4. vertical to axis foot type;
    5. middle fixed with pendulum shift;
    6. end with single earring;
    7. according to your demand.

    Custom design cylinders include:
    1.Special rod materials (higher strength and/or hardness)
    2.Special rod surface treatments for corrosive / hostile environments
    3.Special paints with salt spray resistance up to 1,000 hours
    4.Special wipers and scrapers for difficult rod applications (snow and ice control, refuse, corrosive / hostile environments)
    5.Special seal packs for high temperature, low-temperature, low noise, and high hydraulic shock applications
    6.Hydraulic cushioning with “quick lift-off” feature
    7.Cylinders for use with special hydraulic fluids or in special environments
    8.High-cycle hydraulic cylinders for applications requiring life in excess of 1,000,000 cycles

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